It's time we honor the man who honored America.

Help name a ship  for
Joe Rosenthal!

     The easiest way to support the memory of Iwo Jima photographer Joe Rosenthal,​ is to sign the petition online​​ Your show of support will go directly to the United States Secretary of the Navy.
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Photographer J​oe Rosenthal was 33 years old on Iwo Jima. Standing only 5'5", he holds a big place in American History.

The ship naming process explained

     The United States Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) has sole authority to name Navy ships--not the President, not Congress--only the Secretary of the Navy. 

     Ships have traditionally been named by "class." During WWII, for     instance, US battleships were named for US states, and cruisers for  cities. ​But these conventions change and naming themes are flexible.  The SECNAV makes the decision and can deviate from tradition.   

     While the Secretary is guided by tradition, imput from the Congress and from the Public also affect his decisions. This is why your signature is so important and so effective

     We have a goal of delivering 5,000 signatures online (and 1,000s more on paper) to the Secretary in 2017.

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