It's time we honor the man who honored America.

Joe Rosenthal Supporters

 Joe Rosenthal Chapter
 USMC Combat Correspondents Association
 Dale Cook, President and Iwo Jima veteran

Joe Rosenthal Chapter

Honorary Board

​​​​​Anne Rosenthal
Adm. Thomas F. Brown III, USN
​Hal Buell
Dale Cook, USMC
Maj. Gen. Dan Helix, AUS
Hon. Quentin L. Kopp, USAF
Hon. Pete McCloskey, USMC
Maj. Gen. Mike Myatt, USMC
Carl Nolte, AUS
Don Reid, USMC
Harold Shapiro
Lt. Gen. Larry Snowden, USMC*
Lt. Col. John Stevens, USMC

* deceased
​​​​Proud Supporters
Iwo Jima Association of America

United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association
The Joe Rosenthal Chapter of the USMC Combat      Correspondents Association is the Northern  California chapter of a national organization of United States Marine Corps journalists. 

Originally  the "San Francisco Bay Area Chapter," the Chapter changed its name to honor Joe Rosenthal, our most accomplished member. Once boasting a sizable membership, the Chapter's numbers have slipped in recent years, as our older veterans of WWII and the Korean War pass away.  While most of our current members belong to the Vietnam generation, we still have active members who fought on Iwo Jima and in Korea. In addition to charitable efforts, we support local veterans' causes and work to honor the memory of photographerJoe Rosenthal.

We welcome new members:  Marines, veterans, journalists and supporters.  To inquire about membership,  email our Chapter Secretary: